This page is intended to provide details of the Leixlip Educate Together National School’s Healthy Eating policy.

It is intended to help the school community, including staff, parents, guardians to understand the environment and approach of the school.
This policy was formulated by members of the teaching staff in consultation with other staff members, the pupils, parent representatives, Principal and Board of Management. All feedback is encouraged and welcome!

Healthy eating in childhood:

  • Can help improve performance in class and at play
  • Can help improve concentration
  • Meets children’s nutrients needs for growth and development
  • Encourages good eating habits for life

Why have a healthy eating policy?

  • It improves the nutrition standard and eating habits of all in the school
  • If helps to clarify the school’s position on foods encouraged/discouraged
  • It acts as a guideline for any new staff or families joining the school
  • It ensures that the message children receive from both teachers and parents is consistent.
  • It ensures that what is taught at home and in the classroom is put into practice